Indication Parkinson's Disease

The utility of TTT-3002 for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and similar movement disorders is strongly suggested by the discovery that this compound is the most potent inhibitor of the kinase LRRK2 known to date.

Genetic mutations in LRRK2 were recently found to account for a majority of Parkinson’s Disease that is inherited within families. Many of these mutations increase the activity of the kinase directly. Therefore, reducing the activity of LRRK2 by inhibitors is one of the strongest rationales for new treatment approaches to Parkinson’s Disease that attack one of the root cause of the disease.

The potency of LRRK2 inhibition, the possibility of oral application, the degree of brain penetration, and the tolerability of sustained dosing seen so far in animals render TTT-3002 a strong development candidate for the second most important neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s Disease.

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