Indication Cancer

In the NCI-60 tumor cell screen of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) TTT-3002 potently inhibited growth of a large majority of 55 cell lines tested in therapeutically relevant concentrations. Sensitivity to TTT-3002 was not obviously linked to any pattern of oncogenic driver mutations, indicating a broad spectrum of activity. TTT-3002 is not recognized by common drug efflux transporters (multi-drug resistance proteins). A majority of a selection of human tumor cells transplanted into mice (xenograft models) were significantly inhibited after 30 days of twice daily oral dosing of 2.5 mg/kg. The mode of action is cytostatic, not cytotoxic. No significant behavioral, hematological, or general organ toxicities were associated with this dosing regimen, indicating that TTT-3002 is very well tolerated.

A typical result from a mouse model conducted with the human colon cancer cell line is shown below:

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